Versace timepieces are distributed within the United States and its territories and sold by authorized dealers only. Any timepiece purchased at an authorized dealer includes a 2 year limited warranty. Versace and Direct Luxury can neither guarantee the authenticity, nor honor the warranty, of any timepiece purchased from any source other than an authorized dealer.

All Versace timepieces are warranted by Vertime SA for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers any damages occurring as a direct result of a factory defect in the material and/or workmanship at the time of purchase. The warranty is only valid if your timepiece was purchased from an authorized dealer and if the warranty card has been completed, signed and stamped by the dealer. A copy of your sales receipt and completed warranty card are required to fulfill warranty service requests.

We are not able to offer warranty service on damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any of the following scenarios:

• Accidental damage
• Improper use or tampering
• Reasonable wear and tear
• Water damage
• Theft
• Loss

Also excluded from coverage under warranty are the battery, crystal glass, crown, pusher, and strap or bracelet.

All warrantied service repairs in the United States are completed exclusively by Universal Watch Repair. Family owned and operated, Universal Watch Repair’s goal is to always provide the finest quality and most comprehensive watch service possible. Any repair work performed on your Versace timepiece by someone other than Universal Watch Repair is not covered under warranty.

Universal Watch Repair is happy to extend repair services not covered under warranty for a fee. These services include, but are not limited to:

• Movement repair
• Battery replacement
• Crystal replacement
• Strap or bracelet repair
• Waterproofing
• Cleaning
• Regulating
• Dial refinishing
• Other custom alterations

If you have questions regarding the warranty coverage or service needs of your timepiece, please call Universal Watch Repair at 248.723.5550 or email Otherwise, to initiate a warrantied repair, please complete the Versace Timepiece Repair Form and ship your timepiece along with the completed form, sales receipt and copy of the warranty card to:

177 S. Old Woodward Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009

NOTE: For security and insurance purposes, no hand deliveries shall be accepted at this location.

Please do not include your original watch box (or any other special box) when sending your timepiece for service. Postage, insurance and shipping incurred in sending the timepiece for service are the responsibility of the customer.

Repairs are typically completed within 4 weeks depending on the extent of damage. In cases where your timepiece is not covered under warranty, or where the warranty has expired, we will contact you beforehand with an estimate of the repair. From there, you may decide whether or not to accept the estimated cost. In case of refusal, we will return your timepiece with a charge for shipping and insurance.

Once your repair is completed, Universal Watch Repair will return your timepiece to you and guarantee any repairs for one year.

You are offered the opportunity to extend the standard 2 year warranty on your Versace timepiece to 4 years by registering on the Versace website.


  1. Complete the Versace Timepiece Repair Form
  2. Include in shipment with a copy of SALES RECEIPT & WARRANTY CARD
  3. Ship the watch (without original box) along with above compiled paperwork to:
177 S. Woodward Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009

• If you have any questions about your warranty or repair process, please call 248.723.5550 or email
• No hand deliveries of watches are accepted at the repair center (must be shipped)
• Postage, insurance and shipping incurred in sending the timepiece for service are the responsibility of the customer.
• In cases which your timepiece is not covered by warranty, or the warranty has expired, customer care will contact you with an estimated cost that can be approved or denied.
• In the case of refusal, timepiece will be returned with a charge for shipping and insurance. Battery changes and/or replacements are not covered by warranty.